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Subject:Trilateral Ministerial Meeting Cyprus-Greece-Jordan in Nicosia

In an interview with the Cyprus News Agency ahead of the tripartite ministerial meeting between Cyprus, Greece and Jordan, taking place on Wednesday, in Nicosia, Ambassador El-Fayez says that Jordan, Cyprus and Greece are determined to further their trilateral cooperation.He also says he is convinced that with time, trilateral cooperation will become an institution and expects other countries to be encouraged to take part.

Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulides welcomes on Wednesday Jordan’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ayman Safadi, and Alternate Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Georgios Katrougalos, to prepare the 2019 Trilateral Summit in Jordan.

According to the Ambassador, trilateral cooperation is progressing in a smooth and solid way. He adds that Wednesday’s meeting is concentrating on collective efforts to achieve the common goals of the three countries in the region. He adds that the trilateral mechanism enhances understanding and regional cooperation, in areas such as tourism, energy, agriculture, education and health.

“We leave nothing aside, however discussion takes time. We are finishing in one area of cooperation and moving to another” El-Fayez tells CNA.

The three Foreign Ministers, he adds, will review on Wednesday the progress achieved so far and will discuss about potential agreements or other fields of cooperation. He says moreover that cooperation is the only way we see for the region to participate peacefully in international politics. “We will walk together and with others to reach peace, prosperity and security for our region” he says.

Asked about business cooperation, the Ambassador notes that there are signs of good intentions, but the level is not up to expectations. “We have excellent relations, the infrastructure, transportation, everything is there. We believe there is a good ground, but we need to encourage the business community to be more involved to reach our goals” he says.

Regarding the Cyprus issue, Ambassador El-Fayez says that Jordan will support all efforts to reach a peaceful solution, both regionally and internationally. “Cyprus has an important role in the region” he says adding that for Amman the stability, sovereignty and prosperity of Cyprus are as important as Jordan’s.

 He says moreover that without doubt, his country will support any decision taken by the Cypriot people. “We always base our decisions and stance on international law and the UN Security Council resolutions” he says and expresses hope that Cyprus will be reunified in the near future.






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