Government of H.E. Prime Minister Dr. Omar Razzaz:

His Majesty King Abdullah issued a Royal Decree on 14.6.2018, ordering the formation of the Cabinet after the resignation of the government of Hani Mulki.

1. Prime Minister and Minister of Defence
H.E. Dr. Omar Razzaz

2. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of State
H.E. Dr. Rajai Muasher

3. Minister of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates
H.E. Mr. Ayman Safadi

4. Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research
 H.E. Dr. Adel Tweisi

5. Minister of Social Development
H.E. Mrs. Hala Lattouf

6. Minister of Political and Parliamentary Affairs and Minister of State
H.E. Eng. Musa Maaytah

7. Minister of Labour
H.E. Mr. Samir Murad

8. Minister of Health
H.E. Dr. Mahmoud Sheyyab 

9. Minister of Public Works and Housing
H.E. Eng. Yahya Kisbi

10. Minister of Environment
H.E. Mr. Nayef Fayez

11. Minister of Transport and Minister of Municipal Affairs
 H.E. Eng. Walid Masri

12. Minister of Public Sector Development
H.E. Mrs. Majd Shweikeh

13. Minister of Tourism and Antiquities
H.E. Mrs. Lina Annab

14. Minister of Agriculture
H.E. Mr. Khaled Hneifat




15. Minister of Justice 
Η.Ε. Dr. Awad Abu Jarad

16. Minister of State for Investment Affairs
Η.Ε.  Muhannad Shehadeh

17. Minister of Interior
 Η.Ε. Mr. Samir Mubaidin

18. Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs
Η.Ε. Dr. Abdul Nasser Abul Bassal

19. Minister of Finance
Η.Ε. Dr. Ezzeddine Kanakrieh

20. Minister of Water and Irrigation
Η.Ε. Eng. Munir Owais

21. Minister of Education
Η.Ε. Dr. Azmi Mahafzah

22. Minister of Youth
Η.Ε. Mr. Makram Qaisi

23. Minister of State for Legal Affairs
Η.Ε. Mr. Mubarak Abu Yamin

24. Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply
Η.Ε. Dr. Tareq Hammouri

25. Minister of State for Media Affairs
Η.Ε. Mrs. Jumana Ghunaimat

26. Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources
Η.Ε. Eng. Hala Zawati

27. Minister of Planning and International Cooperation
Η.Ε. Dr. Mary Kawar

28. Minister of Culture
Η.Ε. Mrs. Basmah Nsour

29. Minister of ICT
 Η.Ε. Eng. Muthana Gharaibeh



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